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Light Fixture Guys specializes in light fixture installation services and are proud to provide you with an excellent customer service team! Top-quality installations are our trademark and we use only best materials available on the job site. We are known for providing excellent value in the industry as they are reasonably priced without skimping on the grade of materials used.

Along with ensuring safety of our light fixture installations, we provide amazing customer service. We are a hardworking team of lighting technicians who have years of experience in the industry. We are trained in our products and stay up to date on installation trends. We want to go the extra mile for you when you call 888-332-0222. We will help you get the best light fixture installations for your home or other space!

Whenever you talk to us, we are friendly, approachable and professional. That approach has earned us several positive reviews with customers, and we hope to continue to get positive feedback. It motivates us! We are excited to help you to put the finishing touches on your home or commercial space, whether you want ambient lighting, more of a nuanced effect or another type of illumination, by using our installation services

As we continue to grow our business, we want to keep offering stellar customer service and provide the useful suggestions that many customers want from us. If you have a lighting-related questions, simply let us know. Our specialists can help you by suggesting solutions to your issue that you may not have considered. After years working in the industry, we have a lot of experience to draw from as we problem solve with you.

Whether you need one light fixture or several, Light Fixture Guys will install them for you. There are a range of design styles, from traditional to transitional, modern, and chic. They come in different sizes, finishes, materials, and shapes. We understand the modern and traditional choices, and we can work around the house or other space.

Should you desire our help in installing a light fixture to fit perfectly with your space, simply let us know and we will step in to provide that service for your unique area and your personal needs. That way the lights always look their most beautiful when they are installed and fully meet the requirements you have for them.

We offer light fixture installations for a range of budgets so that you can always find one that fits your style without having to go elsewhere. For your new home or business, or to freshen up a space you’re already living in, adding fresh light fixtures can really enhance an area. We have installation options for both interior and exterior locations.

Lighting fixtures are a great way to get a harmonious look through your living space. Let Light Fixture Guys be your go-to provider for your next light fixture installation. To learn more about our quality services or to ask us lighting-related questions, easily reach us by calling 888-332-0222.

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  • img The largest retailer of light fixtures
  • img 5 year warranty